About Us

Photograph : Frank Tremblay

About Us

Ariane Brisson - Director

My name is Ariane Brisson, I’m a Quebecer in my mid-twenties and I do love cats. 
I’ve done some French literature studies at UQAM and I’m working on contract in the film industry (I also do legal transcription). On the basis of my previous experience in the editorial board of UQAM’s student magazine Lapsus (2013-2014), I’m now producing a Quebec cosplay magazine. I’m in charge of every production and funding steps of this community project. I jumped into the cosplay world at the 2014 Montreal Comiccon with a store-bought costume of Quorra in Tron Legacy. I’m still having trouble making my own costume, as I struggle to learn how to sew, but I’ve fallen in love with this kind of magic events. That’s why I hope you’ll join me to help our Quebec cosplay community to level up! 
Disclosure : If you come talk to me at a Con, please be patient : I can freeze easily when I speak French, so I let you imagine when I must reply in English!
Photograph : Rennay Francis

Rennay Francis - Graphic Designer

Greetings from the outside world! My name is Rennay Francis, but I like to be known as Frankie. I am a Quebec college graduate in Graphic Designing, Secretarial Studies and Accounting (ew). I’ve only recently started playing around with magazine layouts when I started my class in Graphic Designing. 
My love for magazine layouts, manga and Japanese culture runs deep within my childhood, when I started watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon, and has always been with me during all these years. Now, every chance I get, I try to make it to Otakuthon and the Montreal Comiccon as much as I can. This year, I’m going to try to cosplay, and hopefully get to meet many awesome people around.

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